JxCat does not give in and accuses ERC of weakening the strength

The fight between ERC and JxCat on account of the negotiation of the State budget for 2022 has no truce. If the day before yesterday it was the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, who rejected that the post-convergents gave “lessons of independence” to his party.

Yesterday it was the secretary general of Carles Puigdemont’s formation, Jordi Sànchez, who accused the republicans to weaken the strength of the independence movement in Madrid by having, in his opinion, given the processing of the accounts to the PSOE.

“It is a lost opportunity for the independence movement, which has not been able to assert its position of strength” in the face of a “Spanish government that does not have a majority”, lamented the leader of JxCat, who remarked that “we have given away from a part of the independence movement a processing of budgets without obtaining absolutely nothing in return ”.

This part of the independence movement is, obviously, ERC, towards which it did not spare criticism: “It is surprising to see how some, when not ten days ago they said that they would demand Catalan quotas to be able to support the processing of budgets, now they are happy about an agreement in which it is simply said that we will talk later ”and that means“ leaving the protection of the Catalan language in the hands of the PSOE ”.

“We have once again become distracted and give up a position that if we had maintained it from the unit’s perspective, we would have been able to advance much more firmly and decisively in everything that interests the country,” stressed Sànchez before participating in Girona, along with others leaders of the formation, in an act of the long municipal pre-campaign – the next local elections are in 2023 – that the post-convergent party has launched.

In this scenario, the secretary general of JxCat did not take for granted by the criticisms launched on Saturday by Aragonès and did so with the argument that at the time to which the president of the Generalitat referred, in 2006, “Junts no it existed ”.

Forgetting that many of the successors of the extinct CiU today are sheltered under the umbrella of the Puigdemont formation. And, yes, he took for granted that the new friction between ERC and JxCat “will not affect the stability of the Government”, within the will of the two parties to maintain disagreements strictly in the sphere of the parties.

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