Clara Lago Is An Unconventional Influencer In The Series Limbo

Clara Lago Is An Unconventional Influencer In The Series Limbo

Limbo … until I decide it starts with the definition of that state of distraction, of inaction in which someone can plunge. In that state is Sofía, or Sou, the character that Clara Lago plays. A young woman from a very good Argentine family who has lived in Madrid alone since she was 12 years old. In the first scenes, we know that he left Buenos Aires fleeing from something. We know that he lives a life of debauchery, that he has reached a million followers on social networks, that he has a privileged position.

“What is my talent?” She asks herself in a voice-over that, at least, in the first two chapters leads the narration. “Being social,” she answers to herself. The permanent state of partying, shopping and spending is what she calls living. But that way of life is interrupted in the first episode: the announcement of her father’s death forces her to return to Buenos Aires for the first time in 15 years. “The journey that the character makes is deep, healing on many levels,” explains Clara Lago, via Zoom from Canneseries, where Limbo. … until he decides, it was presented within the official section of the fourth edition of the French Festival.

The death of the father is “like the knife that cuts the onion to begin to remove layers,” continues the Spanish actress, who has to put an Argentine accent again (after At the end of the tunnel and The story of the weasels) to play this woman who does not consider an influencer to use. “Because she is not a particularly vain woman, she even has an antisocial character not because she does not like people, but because she is not going to comply with social norms,” ​​she explains.

The script for the series is by the Argentine duo Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat, authors of The Illustrious Citizen or The Artist, which this summer premiered in Venice and San Sebastián Official Competition, with Antonio Banderas and Penélope Cruz . Clara Lago came to Limbo for them. “We were about to make a movie that, one day…. But suddenly Mariano called me to tell me that they had this project, a super star in a series, ”recalls the actress. “I could not believe that I won the lottery without having played, but yes, I hit the jackpot.”

For the actress, he is one of the most complex and intense characters of her career. A leap in his work that began with only ten years in Terca vida and El viaje de Carol.

In Cannes, next to her were the two directors who have signed the first season (which will premiere on Disney + in the first quarter of 2022 and has already confirmed a second season), Agustina Macri and Fabiana Tiscornia. Two women who worked hand in hand, although in many cases via telecall due to the interruption of the pandemic.

It is difficult for all of them to define the series in a single genre. Tiscornia speaks of “introspective mystery” because the biggest unknown in the series is the main character, Sofía. “The rest of the plots, as almost always happens, are an excuse,” he says. The series is about Sou’s journey, what he will discover or seek when retracing a path, returning to places of the past, reinterpreting them, reinterpreting himself, writing to himself and, finally, meeting her, with her potentialities, with who she wants to be. Not because until now it has not been, but it has been someone disconnected from things because they have had to protect themselves from pain ”.

The ‘Limbo’ team at the Canneseries premiere.The ‘Limbo’ team at the Canneseries premiere.Cinemania
Limbo … until he decides, he competes in the fourth edition of the Canneseries along with nine other international productions, such as Totems, the Serbian Awake, the Italian Christian or the German The Allegation. This Wednesday, October 13, the winners chosen by a jury chaired by former Lannister Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones) will be announced. Two years ago Leticia Dolera won the award for best series and best cast at this festival with her project Perfect Life.

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