Major political decisions for Financial Stocks growth

Major political decisions for Financial Stocks growth

Another of the i that the Executive must still adopt is whether the direct aid will only be capital to reinforce the solvency of the companies or will also cover part of the fixed costs of the companies, as United Podemos proposed in mid-February .

They defend ministries such as Labor . The “possibility of some type of fiscal measure ” is also being studied , as Minister María Jesús Montero announced on Tuesday, although government sources point out that they would not be incentives but rather management initiatives, such as postponements or similar, and that if approved they will have a scope limited .

On Wednesday of last week, the President of the Government already announced that it will especially support firms in the ” tourism sector, hotels, restaurants and small businesses , among others,” so it cannot be ruled out that the new direct aid have some kind of sectoral allocation component .

Calviño, for his part, stressed that they are especially necessary in some “territories” , so that it is possible that the distribution criteria benefit the communities that have been most affected by the composition of their productive fabric (such as the islands) and for having approved more severe sanitary restrictions. These factors have already been taken into account in the distribution of the React-EU funds.

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