Island of Palma Suffered Market Crash on Seismic Activity

Island of Palma Suffered Market Crash on Seismic Activity

During the last hours, the island of La Palma has suffered intense seismic activity caused by more than 70 earth movements that have led to a volcanic eruption. This situation has been quickly dealt with by the 24- hour channel of TVE , which has reported live from the islands.

One of the dozens of tremors that have occurred throughout the day, have caused Francisca González, the reporter who was prepared to go live, to suffer it before the cameras . Before connecting live with the studio, the earth shook under her feet, causing terror in the journalist.

Its volcanic nature offered yesterday a show as beautiful as it was fearsome. The eruption could be followed practically live from the initial explosion to the imposing smoke and the red of the lava staining the slopes.

It is the 18th eruption in the official records of the Archipelago, which began in 1585. It is also a reminder. The Canary Islands is, above all, a volcanic territory.

The National Geographic Institute (IGN) will continue studying the seismic movements that may occur in the soil of La Palma in order to anticipate changes in the eruptive processes of Cumbre Vieja.

While it is true that seismic activity has been significantly reduced after the magma has emerged to the surface and has released a large part of the energy that was waiting under the ground.

Scientists do not rule out that in the coming days the tremors may increase, according to Itahiza Domínguez Sardinia, a seismologist at the IGN.

“It will continue to be monitored and, if it happens, it will be studied whether it can increase their magnitude,” he points out.

On the other hand, the director of the Barcelona Geosciences group, of the Higher Center for Scientific Research, the volcanologist Joan Martín, explained yesterday to Efe that the eruption could last weeks or at most a couple of months.

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