Government plans to transfer money to the autonomies companies

Government plans to transfer money to the autonomies companies

The Government has practically completed , the absence of some fringe, the technical aspects of the plan of 11.000 million euros to support companies in difficulty by the pandemic Pedro Sanchez announced last week .

The intention of the Executive is to approve it in the Council of Ministers on Tuesday the 9th or at the latest on the following Tuesday the 16th , unless a delay can never be ruled out.

Thus, the project is waiting for certain political decisions to be made , the most important of which is whether to transfer part of thefunds to the autonomous communities so that they in turn allocate them to inject direct aid to SMEs and the self-employed, or if it will be only the State that grants all the aid, as confirmed by various sources to EL PERIÓDICO.

The employers’ association Foment del Treball , chaired by Josep Sánchez Llibre, urged the Government on Wednesday to specify as soon as possible the fund of 11,000 million in aid announced by Sánchez.

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The economic vice president, Nadia Calvino , has been insisting in recent weeks that the autonomies are the best placed to give direct aid because they know better the effect that their different and disparate health measures to contain the pandemic have had on companies in your area.

Along these lines, he stressed that the autonomies “have presented plans” to grant new support to their companies worth about 2,000 million , which are part of the 8,000 million that the Executive will transfer this year from the European React fund -EU .

In an interview on the ‘SER’ channel on Tuesday night, Calviño hinted that he is in favor of transferring more resources to the autonomies to grant aid: “We are working on a set of instruments to respond to the needs of each of the And for some it may be that this injection, that aid that is being given by the autonomous communities.

Is sufficient; in other territories it may be necessary for the State to complement or reinforce this action of the autonomous communities ; for other companies they may be injections of capital what is necessary, and for others, a restructuring (of the credit debt) together with the banking sector.

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